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Since 1998, The Write Connection has provided affordable, high-quality copywriting and copyediting services to businesses of all sizes. Our projects are as varied as our clients, which include companies in financial, medical, consulting, high-tech, consumer products, new media, hospitality, manufacturing and automotive industries, among others.

Insightful discovery process
Joan Bennett, principal of The Write Connection, brings exceptional writing skills, enthusiasm and a keen interest to each project. Inquisitive by nature, she takes clients through an initial discovery process to determine:
the purpose of the marketing piece
important audience traits and motivators
major benefits and features of the product or service
key messaging points for the audience
how to move the audience to action
the best methods for communicating key messages

Throughout the process, her focus is on helping clients develop well-written, highly targeted marketing materials that successfully reach and motivate their audiences.

Valuable writing and marketing background
As a former English instructor and marketing and public relations professional, Joan brings a valuable perspective to the creation of marketing communications. Her background in the teaching of writing gives her a unique understanding of audience, structure and content in developing effective copy. Her work in marketing and public relations has provided opportunities for identifying important key messages in reaching target audiences, as well as how to best achieve the desired result.

Joan's extensive study and use of language allows her to utilize the nuances of word choice and sentence structure in creating compelling marketing materials. She works collaboratively with clients to develop powerful copy, which she examines thoroughly for consistency and proper usage, grammar, punctuation and capitalization. The result is effective marketing communications that resonate with readers.

Collaboration provides full-service offerings
Joan works one-on-one with clients and also partners with print and Web designers, printers, and advertising and marketing firms to provide clients with a full range of marketing communications services. She can serve as your firm's sole marketing resource or as an extension of your marketing team.

With a background in team play, she understands the value of collaboration and the importance of delivering quality materials on time and on target to ensure the success of a project.


The Write Connection

Joan Bennett
Joan D. Bennett, President
The Write Connection, Inc.

What clients say...

"I knew what I wanted my brochure copy to convey; I just had no idea how to get it there! Joan started the process by interviewing me, although it felt more like a conversation with a new friend. With her insightful questions, she pulled nuggets out of me that I didn't even know existed. The draft she sent me required very little modification and presents my thoughts in a way I never could have done on my own."

Helen Dutton
Business and Personal Coach
A Vision of Your Own, LLC

"More than just a copywriter, Joan Bennett of The Write Connection is a valuable part of our project teams. From brainstorming sessions to delivery of final content, she takes ownership of her deliverables and learns as much about the client, project and audience as possible. Her ideas and approach to developing content that generates results has helped many of our clients, as well as us, become successful."

Ron Desjardins
Chief Strategic Brain/Principal
Brainium, Inc.

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